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Why Choose Timber Frame?

4 Reasons Why a Timber Frame Home Could Be Right for You...

  1. Quick Build Process: The time taken to build a house can typically be reduced by 25% or more compared to a masonry building system. Build programmes can also become more predictable with timber frame as the kits are manufactured under strict factory conditions, so the weather won't tend to delay the delivery or construction.

  2. Cost Effective: A timber frame allows more space for insulation than a brick building and wood itself is also more naturally thermally insulating. A better insulated home requires less energy to heat and cool, thus making it a more energy efficient building.

  3. Sustainable Building Method: Timber is the most sustainable form of construction, it has the lowest embodied C02 of any other building material, its organic, non-toxic and naturally renewable. Timber is available at scale; it can grow on land that isn't suitable to grow food on. A greater use of timber will be important in the coming years for a sustainable economy.

  4. Long Lasting & Durable: Timber frame homes are strong and able to withstand the worst kinds of weather.

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